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The freshest Mad Rock pro climber

C'est officiel, je fais maintenant parti du team pro MadRock, et c'est avec fierté que je représente donc cette marque (depuis plusieurs années déjà).
It's official, I am now part of the team pro MadRock, and I am really proud to represent this brand (sincce several years)

Je vais donc avoir une collaboration plus proche avec ce fabriquant de chaussons, et aussi aider à produire un nouveau modèle de Muggen pour lequel je suis tombé amoureux il y a déjà quelques années. C'est pourquoi je donne tous mes conseils possibles pour créer la "Muggen Original"
I'll have a closer collaboration with that manufacturer of climbing shoes, and also help to produce a new model of Muggen for wich ones I felt in love few years ago. That is why I give all my advice possible to create the "Muggen Original"

Voici donc un petit interview d'entrée dans ce team, à lire en anglais (facile).
Here is a small interview for my enter in this team :


You’ve seen him compete. You’ve heard of him sending the V14′s: The Never Ending Story and Both Ends of the Spectrum. named him “Top Bouldering Competitor” of last year.
And maybe you’ve seen the trailer for the eponymous film “Both Ends of the Spectrum” shot by Anthony Lapomardo and Beau Kahler.
He’s big on the scene, and he goes by G2.
Now, you can find his Facebook athlete page in English, his blog in both English and French, and a new interview about his background below, and at our site

Our Brief Interview with Guillaume
1. How old are you now, and when did you start climbing?
I’m 25 now. I started climbing at 10 years old, and began comps at 11.

2. So you’ve been competing for almost 15 years. Who inspired you to start climbing? 
It’s my family who introduced me into the climbing world, first for mountaineering. After that, I was inspired by big stars like C. Sharma and French, legendary strong climbers!

3. Why do you enjoy bouldering over speed, sport or trad climbing? 
Well, first, I did 10 years of sport climbing. And now, I prefer bouldering because I think it is more funny – you can share your climbing with more people… I am also a bit lazy, and I prefer short efforts!

4. Haha.. What are your favorite areas to climb? 
Everywhere you can find boulders (or routes). But my favorites bouldering areas are Hueco, Bishop, Font, and Switzerland.

5. What was your favorite climbing trip or competition in the past? 
I really enjoyed going to Bishop with 5 other people in a huge camping van, in a lot of snow, and we slept anywhere we wanted! For competitions, even though I was not lucky and finished 7th, it was of course World Championships in Paris this year.

6. A large camping van is perfect to go climbing in. Are you involved in the community where you climb? (Train others, coach, or teach?) 
I really like to give some advice to other climbers, and share my passion with everyone! But to be honest, I’m not really much of a teacher.

7. I understand. Somehow I can’t teach my dog to not pee in the house. What are the rules you follow when training? 

When I am in a month of training, I try to follow my coach’s plan, and try to climb as hard as possible to progress more! Also, I follow my girlfriend’s method, who is really psyched to train, and it pushes me a lot!!

8. What are your goals for the future? 
I see my future with more climbing outdoors, doing some hard problems, and also climbing in beautiful areas!! Beside that, I will continue to train hard to attain my goals in comps (world cups, world champs, and other big comps around the world.)

9. What are your other interests besides rock climbing? 
Beside rock climbing, I like to be with my girlfriend, friends, sometimes cooking, and, of course, doing every other outdoor sport!

Thanks for talking to us, Guillaume! We look forward to possibly seeing you at Christmas!

Vous pouvez aussi trouver l'interview original et des news des autres membres du team sur Madrockblog
You can find the original interview and more new about Mad Rock team members on the Madrockblog

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